Monday, October 24, 2005

Of (free) haircut, cousins, shopping & coffee

Of (free) haircut, cousins, shopping & coffee

Yep, I took leave on this day to do this (free) haircut. Ha! Yar yar.. Pretty lame, I know but would you pass a free haircut? Esp. when the condition of you hair calls for it (the haircut, I mean NOT the freebie)?

So that's >>> us before our respective haircuts. Effy, Suzy & myself.
Suzy chose this date cos' the appointment's only available on weekdays and this is the only weekday available for her. Effy actually had her final exam in the afternoon! She even came in her school uniform.
Tsk. Women.....! The things they'll do for what they think is worth...

The cut were done by novice/student hairstylists but we just whack it. Besides, there were a couple of senior hairstylists to supervise them, guiding and touching up (on our hair) where necessary. So no qualms about having to go thru' a-bad-hair-day phase later on.

And the guys there were all good-looking! Clad in black, even! With their stylo-milo hair and their stylo-milo dressing..... *swoon!*

Oh, the end-result...? >>>> Taken at Bugis Junction Ladies room>>>>

~Effy had a funky cut. The student hairstylist was ecstatic upon knowing that there's ACTUALLY someone who gave him the go-ahead to "try anything you want".
~Suzy was given this classic behive/bob cut with an edge. She ALSO gave the stylist the go-ahead to "do anything to her hair".
~My cut was pretty much on the safe side. Evenly layered and the hairstylist unwillingly gave me bangs. She didn't want to trim my fringe but I was dropping some not-so-subtle hints by always blowing my long fringe away from my face.
Besides, her senior asked her to. Heh. Wise guy...

Both Suzy & I watched 'The Skeleton Key' @ PS to pass the time. Met her beau, Hazre after that before going on a shopping trip at Far East Plaza. Paycheque's still quite sometime away but I decided to just buy a new pair of shoes and a handbag for Hari Raya. Better get the shopping over & done with. Especially with Suzy around. My shopping mood always kick in when she's around. Dunno why...

Effy later joined us straight from school. Her final paper's over and she was ecstatic to start with her shopping. Buka at Cahaya (Far East). U need to make reservation to eat there or you can forget about getting a seat by Maghrib.

I finally decided to get my (other) cousin a Charles& Keith handbag for her birthday and the whole bunch followed me to Wisma Atria to purchase it. Felt bad for the hassle so I suggested we chill at Starbux Liat. Besides, it's been quite sometime since I last had (gourmet) coffee. I miss my Caramel Macchiato...

I can't remember what exactly went on at Starbux but I DO recall laughing till' my abs hurt. Maybe it's got to do with the stunt that we pulled by shamelessly propping the camera on the side counter and set the timer to have a group foto taken. And 2wice, we had some customers innocently passing the camera when the 10secs were up. One American guy gamely asked (feigned shocked look on his face) "Oh, you were taking pictures? Did you accidentally snap a shot of my butt? Oops! Sorry about that!"

Needless to say I had fun that day. Tini later called to ask me to accompany her to McD cos' she's hungry. Looking at the time: 11pm, I drove to McD ECP (24hrs). I dunno what's with her appetite, but she managed to convince me to join her at McCafe (after her McD meal), eating (sinful!) cakes with Mochaccino. After midnight, no less...

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