Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The freaky 'unknown'

The freaky 'unknown'

It's pretty scary funny how 2 persons that you've known as a couple for a number of years eventually marry someone else. And yes, I'm talking about the BOTH of them. Both got hitched kinda' recently and only months apart from each other.

If outsiders like me had wished to see their then relationship evolve into marital bliss... What about them? Maybe what I see here is just the end product. What goes in between... well, that's NOT for me to know.

It's freaky isn't it? This UNKNOWN.... also known otherwise as.... FATE.

"Kita Merancang, Tuhan Menentukan..."

We can plan but it's God that eventually decides. Things happen for a reason so let's just take things as they come.

Sorry, just a random thought. Maybe I'm just expressing my insecurity.

Oh by the way, TO ALL MUSLIMS out there:
It's the (very) Holy month of Ramadhan. I pray that your worship and goodwill will be blessed with the virtue bestowed upon those who sincerely carry out this 3rd Rukun Islam.


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