Wednesday, October 19, 2005

of stinko & soccer

of stinko & soccer

Yesterday, my collegue, Sri & I must have gotten onto one of the stinkiest bus ever. Seriously. I compared the smell to that of 10 unbathed, sweaty men. Sri easily compared it to shit faeces. Yes, it's THAT bad.

I sprayed some perfume into my bag and flapped it; a pathetic attempt at being discreet, to getting a much better scent wafting about. But it got so unbearable that I took a tissue which had some perfume srayed on it and DIRECTLY put it to my nose. Thankfully, my usually sensitive nose did not react adversely to the strong scent of perfume (maybe that perfume scent was already balanced/neutralised with that stink).

A woman board the bus at the stop after us and sat beside Sri. However at the next stop, she hurriedly shifted to the seat opposite us. Fishy.... I looked at the man beside her. I looked at his sneakers and nudged at Sri. "I think it's that man. The shoes..." But I dare not accuse him.

To add to this mess, there was a slight jam. Oh-My-Goodness! I looked around and I wondered if it's my distorted vision or that everyone was also sporting a discomforting look? Cramped faces with scrunched-up noses.

2 stops down the road another woman sat at the seat beside Sri. Lucky Sri alighted at the next stop while I had to bear with this stench for another 2 stops. Oh, the woman beside Sri ALSO shifted her seating location. So was this just a mere coincidence??

The next stop, THAT man alighted and guess what?!
The stink/stench/odour almost immediately DISAPPEARED! With that man, definitely.

Dude, you gotta dump those sneakers, man! That smell was sooo bad, it's TOXIC! Uugh!

I dunno why I can't seem to get up for sahour just now. My dad was already yelling at me but pressed the pillows to my ears. Heh.

Then you know what he did?

He turned on the TV, tuned it to the sports channel and blast the volume. He then gave a LIVE COMMENTARY on what is going on in that soccer match he's watching. He exeggerated every expression whenever there's a failed attempt at a goal, a foul and don't even mention it when there's indeed a goal. It sounded like I was in some packed pub on a Saturday nite. The noise!

It got to a point where I got so curious bout' whatever match he's watching that I jumped out of bed and staggered to the screen..... Guess what?!

All the matches ended already, lah. He was just commenting on the various matches based on the highlights! He knew that every time there are live soccer matches playing on tv, I'll be the first one awake. Last week was the World Cup Qualifiers. This week is the Champions League. This is a tried-and-tested method and it DEFINITELY work. Sheesh!

When he saw me in the kitchen (finally!), he said, "So can we start to sahour now?"
I just squint my eyes. Seriously, if that's not my DAD standing there, I would have replied, "Darn you!!"

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