Thursday, October 27, 2005

Things that irritate me dur. Ramadhan

Things that irritate/cheese me off during Ramadhan...

**Adverts. that promote Hari Raya stuff right from the 1st day...
(I know most of these ads are courtesy of enthused business folks eager to get on the bandwagon and bring out the festive mood in consumers, hence reminding them to shop and shop and shop...)

**Raya songs played over the airwaves more than a fortnight before Syawal itself.
(since last week, I started tuning to M'sian stations. Now that they've jumped on the bandwagon, I'm tuning to the Indon. channels. Worse to worse, I just listen to LUSH 99.5fm. Hah!)

**Cooking shows or any shows highlighting foodie galore that's shown before the buka time. Nice time to drool, huh?
(I know I can just change the channels but I can't help it, lar. Hey, if you don't show, I won't watch, whatt....)

**Sleazy/underground 'organisations' gathering all the 'daif' (very poor) folks from neighbouring countries, dump them at our streets (even Orchard Road) and outside mosques here to collect donations to go into THEIR DARN POCKETS.
(I know they're sorta' underground cos' these 'beggars' we seen being TRANSPORTED to their 'begging' place. Everything seemed organised. I dun' mind giving them the $$$ but if it end up NOT going to these poor folks' pockets eventually, what's the point?)

** Young girls and even much 'mature' (in other words: are pretty old but wanna act young) ladies using Geylang Bazaar as a place to highlight some 'flesh parade'.
(What irony. What shame. A holy month for worshipping and cleansing being marred by these ppl dressed like they can't afford to buy more cloth..)

**Women who claimed to 'wave the red flag' who eat openly in the day. Respect those who are fasting is one issue. The confusion you're going to cause the non-Muslims are another.
(It's not difficult to be more discreet, rite?)

**MEN who CAN'T even claim to 'wave the red flag'; who have NO excuse NOT to fast - eating/smoking openly. Heck, some even eat lunch/early dinner with THEIR FAMILY, lar!
(Nice role models you're being to your kids, there!)

These are what I've observed and are MY OWN opinions of what I think is NOT RIGHT/PROPER. It's pretty subjective, all right? So if there's anyone out there who beg to differ or wanna rebutt what I consider MY OWN thoughts/opinions... JUST BUGGER OFF.

As the Malay proverb/idiom goes: "SIAPA MAKAN CILI, TERASA PEDAS" - Those who eat the chilli will taste it's spiciness. In other words, those who does the wrong WILL feel the guilt. Gettit???

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