Monday, October 17, 2005

Ok here goes...

breaking fast

Geez, I'm seeing a pattern here. I shall update all at one shot...(as I've always done..)

Buka No. 1

Planned with Deanna & Tini for some girls nite out at Geylang bazaar and maybe look around for stuff and definitely.... food. Heh! There's the yearning for otah lah, burger Ramly lah, keropok lekor lah, Okonomiyaki lah......

The time finally arrived yet Deanna hurriedly SMS to say she's gonna be late because of some screw-up @ work. So I met Tini at Post Centre and we sat at MacD first. And she gave me THIS>>>

Yes, a VERYYYY belated birthday present. Wait... presentssssss. That's how many trinkets she put in that box. Bit and pieces of stuff that means a lot. Reading that little letter she wrote, albeit it not being some fancy-schmancy card, almost put me to tears, lah.

And you see that 3 fair-looking boxes, there? Heh.. One of my fav. brand of chocs.
Awesome stuff! *Thanks again, Tini...!*

Then we bought the food at Geylang and figured out somewhere pretty 'discreet' to consume them.... ON the overhead bridge. Heh... Aside from some avid/amateur photographers clicking on the fancy lighting and some passers-by, it's just us.

Deanna eventually arrived with Azari, her beau and a couple of her frens who scooted off on their own after that. Followed by some pretty looong wait for Tini's fiance and figuring out our next plan. He eventually arrived but had to accompany and transport his mum and sis first, so Tini & I took a cab down to Pahang Str. Deanna and Azari (D & A) will ride off on their own and meet us there.

Of course Tini and I reached 1st. We soon got worried and wondered if D & A got lost somewhere in this maze of one-way lanes and funny street names. We then decided to get some seats first. They finally arrived, only to tell us the reason why they took so long is cos' they first wanna eat the dengdeng that they had bought, before it gets cold. Aiyoh..!

We eventually shifted from the dining (chairs and tables) area to the lounge (carpets, rugs and throw cushions) zone, where we practically lazed around (read: lie around/slouch on the cushions)... Got another sheesha and more drinks as Ody arrived with Maman.
Time sure passed quickly when you're having fun. It wasn't long before the clock strike one. YES, ONE am on a WEDNESDAY. And we decided to go our separate ways. D & A going JB, I think. Ody, Maman, Tini & myself are far from going home. We're going shopping at Mustafa! Ha!

We ventured onto all the levels of that 24-hr shopping centre. Time out of the bldg? 3++am. We got lost in the maze of clothes and toys. YES, toys... Quite a fun section to be in, I admit. When the store is almost empty in that ungodly hour, no one gives a damn what you do as you prodded, squeezed and goofed around with them toys.

Looking at the time, I realised that we're better off consuming our sahour before going home where we can straight-away bunk into bed (esp. me who have to wake up some 3 hours later for WORK)
Time check: 4.40am. Dad and Bro were almost done with their sahour when I reached home.

Buka No.2

Met Bas at Bugis. He claimed to have seen Willy, an ol' pal of ours who practically dissipated from our social life for some unknown *cough*conflict*cough* reason.
Why wasn't I surprised when Bas said that Willy ignored him? Hmm.. But I sure hope that ignorance is due to his inability to recognise this fella who has decided to sprout some cute curls on his head.
A major feat since those close-cropped hair days back in Poly. Come to think of it, he DID attempt to grow those curls during a certain semestral break. It was unfortunate that Lord of the Rings was really hot back then and we got around to calling him, "FRODO." He came back with a haircut the day after.. Heh.


Bas and I made our way to Ambrosia Cafe at Baghdad Street. I was worried that the place will be packed, esp. the 2nd level. Turns out the atmosphere seemed pretty relaxed. The place was quite a contrast to the one I've been to the day before. I'm obviously much impressed with that cafe down at Pahang Street.

Kai saw us along the way but had to go pretty far to find a parking lot (yesh, he drove). Meng eventually came after seven and all the crap started soon after. With the arrival of Khama, chaos soon dominate what with our careless banter and laughter. Soon it was left with just us and this couple of ladies in the corner. With such a chilled-out setting, one just cant help feeling like they're at home. Heh..

All's well untill it was time to pay the bill. Erm.... Maybe I shouldn't get there. I can feel my (fragile) heart cracking.... *hint * hint*

Finally met Kai's 'baby'. Actually it's his (new) car, aptly named 'Snow White'. Cute & reliable. Bas & Meng (from the West-side) hopped into a cab back home. Meanwhile, Kai, Khama & I (from the East-side) didn't feel like going home yet. We decided on somewhere that is low-cost (yas, that bill REALLY affected us) so we settled for some beach somewhere. I got into the topic of ice-creams and all of us started lusting after a tub of Ben & Jerry's. Haha!

The plan was to purchase the B & J @ a petrol station somewhere and hit Changi Beach. Then it started to drizzle. Kai drove on to Changi but the airport, lah. We crossed our fingers that Swensen's still open at 11pm. It still is. Yipee! Got for ourselves a tub of 'Chewy Choc Fudge'. As u know, the great ppl of Swensens will pack the ice-cream with dry ice, rite?

And then there's this 'himbo' (the male version of a 'bimbo') among us (definitely NOT me), who let the tub of ice-cream (i/c) rest on the dry ice when all the while, we were struggling with the super-hard i/c and using extra strength just to get much bigger chunks than simply the morsels that we're digging out. And it's not even chewy!

....Or so we thought....

When there's less than AN INCH of choc fudge i/c left, Khama finally discovered what was wrong. He dumped the dry ice. Less that a minute later, we were SCOOPING (note: no more digging) out big-big CHUNKS (note: not morsels) of really CHEWY choc. fudge ice-cream.... Well just TOO BAD there's only a teeny-weeny bit left..... Hmmph!

Finally went home. Oh, while at the airport, received a call from my cousins saying that one of my other cousin had got into a motorbike accident (he's the pillion). My bro followed-up with a call soon after. He's going to NUH to see how that fella's doing. I was about to get worried until these 2 fellas ask me,
"So how's he doing at the A&E?"
"Erm... in a wheelchair waiting for his turn..?"
"And he called you guys?"
"Erm.... Yeap."
Then he should be fine. Unless you tell us he's on a stretcher, I believe he should be fine.. Maybe he's just in shock"
...Oh, I almost forgot I had a TP beside me... Heh.

Reached home. Time check: 1.45am. Thanks for the ride, Kai! That's a pretty little 'Snow White' u have. Hee.

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