Sunday, September 11, 2005

traffic light

Title: (dumb) TRAFFIC LIGHT

I'm very much incensed with this stoopid telemovie I just watched on the M'sian channel TV3. The title? TRAFFIC LIGHT. Quite a dumb title huh?

Storyline: Guy likes girl. Girl like someone else. Dejected guy agreed to parent's choice and marry another. Girl realise mistake. Try to look for guy. Her boss confess to loving her. Always help her. SO CHEESY..! (yet I still watch)

But there are some philosophical lines voiced by the lead actor (guy who likes girl) peppered into the otherwise dumb script.Like how he told his wife, "What a blessing it was to be able to learn to love someone after marriage, cos' the love is more significant when you can learn to love someone whole-heartedly... (no holds-barred cos' they are married, after all...)" That's NOT what he said EXACTLY, but it's more or less like that. Hope you get the idea.

Another one is, "Life is like a traffic light. When it turns red, that's when you know you gotta stop." He quoted that when it dawned upon him that the girl he's after is not meant for him after all and decided to stop hoping for her to requite his feelings. "And when it turns green, you gotta' move on (with your life)..."

I assumed that's the reason for the dumb-sounding title of the drama.... That is-UNTIL I watched the ending. The DUMB ending.
... Girl saw guy (with his wife) driving off in his car. Girl took a cab and went after him. Car stop at TRAFFIC LIGHT (gettit???). Girl got off (she paid the cab driver, of course) and confront guy. They talked things out (all the while at that TRAFFIC LIGHT). Guy (his conscience clear) is honest and introduced his wife. Girl (a bit psycho) got into a state of denial and and stepped back.....

Yes, very predicatable isn't it? As always, when u r on the road what happens? Another car comes by (like...DUH!). Guy ran after girl. Saved her. Guy died. Poor wifey (pregnant, even!) had to see hubby die. Dumb. DUMB. DUMB! Why the TRAFFIC LIGHT???? No other place to talk things out, ah?

The best part is, poor wifey gotta' get on with life with a kid without her hubby. Psycho girl? She decide that the boss (yes, he's still in the picture) and her are meant for each other after all. She marry him. That is SO UNFAIR!!!!!

Did I say that this story is DUMB? Why did I even watched till' the END??!!!

Geez, being pissed does tire me out. Gotta sleep now (at the earliest time this week). Gotta drive into J.B tomorrow. Expecting to get stuck in a massive jam when I return (have to prepare for that). End of school holiday, what.....

PS: Does THIS DATE seem familiar, or what? PEACE.

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