Monday, September 05, 2005

When love & hate collide....

When love & hate collide....

I've always had a love-hate relationship with my home PC. And I'm hating it now. That's why I've not switched it on for almost 2 weeks. That also explains why I've not uploaded those 2-week old pics from my digicam and fone (and I was VERY trigger happy back then. Imagine the no. of pics I have to sort later...)

That clearly explains the lack of updates.

Same reason why some guys treat their mobiles like their gal, that's how I treat my PC. My baby... Maybe because it's the one thing that I paid for straight from my pocket that cost so much. Something that cost so much shouldn't give too much trouble, shouldn't it? Rite? rite...?


Maybe I'm just miffed because the PC just isn't emitting any sound aside from those little beeps you hear upon start-up. Either the sound card or the speaker's down. Those hundreds of MP3s I have are pretty redundant unless I burn them into cds and listen to them mp3s on the radio. Dammit.

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