Thursday, September 08, 2005

The flying papadum

And the moral is...

Went to a jemputan a fortnight ago, (I know it's pretty long ago but I just recalled this incident just now and felt the urge to blog it out) where I saw some papadums (the Indian crackers, YUM!) which was placed on the dessert table (maybe the dishes table were full). I took some for myself. My parents were surprised there's papadums. Guess they didn't notice. I gave one of mine to my mum (I onli took 2).

Anyway, mum finished eating first but I'm still struggling with my food and I just finished off the last bit of my papadum. Wanna ask a favour from my mum to take some for me. However, seeing that she's started drinking, I held back and waited till' she's done.

While waiting, I overheard 2 makciks (aunties) talking loudly behind me, on how crowded it was and they needed to find seats (cos' they chose to get the food before getting a seat). Suddenly a gust of wind blew and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see who that was. No one. I turned back to face the table, and I saw A PAPADUM LANDING RIGHT SMACK ON MY PLATE!

I heard one of the makcik behing me saying, "Alamak, keropok aku terbang!" (Oh no, my cracker flew away!) So that tap was actually the papadum flying. Hee...

Dah rezeki aku agaknya (Guess it's my good luck, here). My mum was giggling by then while I was aghast. I looked at her and told her that I was ACTUALLY waiting to tell her to take a papadum for me and one actually LANDED on my plate!

Alhamdulillah. Maybe it's berkat Allah buat seseorang anak yg tidak lokek dgn ibunya sendiri dan sanggup menunggu dgn sabar sblm meminta sesuatu dgn ibunya. Ni bukan kes masuk bakul angkat sendiri, ok. Just tell y'all that all good things done will reap good outcomes. Especially to your parents. Syukran....

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