Wednesday, September 21, 2005

lightning, tuna & tv mobile

At this rate, we won't be needing street lamps...

Until recently, I didn't know that I was THAT damn scared of lightning. Well, who won't be when they keep searing across the sky like...EVERY minute or so?
Geez, felt like some Hollywood star, all those light flashes coming at you, except that they come right from the sky. All thousands of kilowatts of them.

Especially those that happen when it wasn't even raining. Or like what I've been thru' twice, at twilight. Right after I stepped out of the office. Pfft.

Either I stuff myself unecessarily or you start listening properly...

Geez, my bro & I had better improve on our communication techniques.... Just a moment ago, I saw him coming back with a loaf of bread and he told me he wanna make tuna sandwich (or so I tot').

I dunno what got over me; while running the anti-virus scanner on the PC, I proceed to prepare my fav. recipe of Grilled Cheesy Tuna sandwich for him. I actually finished preparing the WHOLE can, ok. When the aroma of grilled cheese & tuna start wafting through the house, my bro (sounding alarmed), asked, "Ti, what are you baking?!!"

"Your tuna, lor. I tot' you said that you wanna eat tuna sandwich??"

"That's for TOMORROW. To bring to work. You mean you are grilling it now???"

Erk....! I looked at the clock. *slaps forehead*
Clever, clever girl. What a smartass. Just who the heck would wanna eat ANYTHING past 12 midnight after having eaten dinner less that 3 hours ago??!

So my bro took it upon himself to gobble down the sandwiches cos' they've already been toasted and leaving them for tomorrow will mean that we'll be feasting on Grilled Cheesy Tuna CRACKERS instead. Besides, I have this personal policy of not consuming anything after midnight, unless I want to sleep right before 4am....


Drats that TV Mobile!

Had I stayed longer on that bus, it would have been the first time I watched a full episode of Shooting Stars. Really!

My collegue alighted just 2 stops away from me and this lady was quick in taking over that seat before I could even shift my bum out. I sensed trouble as soon as I saw her eyes transfixed on the tv screen.

Heck, she was even giggling aloud at this kinda' cute scene where Olinda was daydreaming. As soon as she noticed me looking at her with that 'I-know-it's-funny-but-your-giggling-scares-me' look, she pretended to cough. Just how corny is that?!

And when I was already standing up, all poised to slip past her to alight, she was too much into the show to even hear my, "Excuse me" x 3. What the..? She's lucky she heard me clearing my throat (on purpose, of course) or I would have to resort to stepping on her toes to get her attention. She just had NO idea how far I have to walk, should I miss that stop.

I remembered, sometime last week, my bro was urgently calling me from outside the gate, asking me to let him in quickly.

Seeing how restless he was and the fact that his keychain was sticking outta' his bag and yet he asked me to unlock the gate hurriedly, I assumed he need to use toilet a.s.a.p. Then he said (urgently), "Ti, Jamie Oliver! Quick!!!"

Huh? I just checked cable Channel 16 (Travel & Living) and it was the dudes from Surfing The Menu. What Jamie Oliver?? I just looked at him while he fumbled with the remote.

"Ti, Jamie Oliver! What channel?" So I told him the ONLY channel that played cooking programmes at that hour and true enuff', it was the 2 surfer dudes/chefs roasting some lamb somewhere.

"Where's Jamie? I just watched it! Couldn't have ended!" He was almost exasperated.

So I asked, "What channel was that?" He replied, "TV Mobile...."

I kept on staring at him with the, 'are-you-trying-to-kid-me' look until it dawned upon him that TV Mobile does NOT exist at ANY home. Unless u live at some government facilty complex or some other public place.

"Let me guess. U watched Jamie Oliver on the bus?" And I continued rubbing salt to the wound, "Try tuning to 89.3 fm. Maybe you can listen to him sputtering (like Daffy Duck) bout' his cooking over the airwaves..."

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