Monday, March 27, 2006


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Regional/Malayan Music Awards organised by the 2 malay-language 'sister' stations of Mediacorp Radio.

Got pretty good seats despite paying only $40 bux for it ('somebody' bought them for me). Actual price is $48. Got seated behind the sponsors, facing the centre stage directly. Not bad, huh?

Went with moi 3 paternal cousins Sue, Ate & Nor


my longtime pal, Tini (her 1st time)

The star-studded line-up sorta' impressed me. I think the M'sian singing phenomenon, Mawi has pretty much improved his singing. He sure got the voice to match that big lungs. Trust the music maestros like M.Nasir to take him in despite others saying that his voice kinda sucked.

The small kids during the Ahli Fiqir performance were uber-cute and I am so glad I get to hear Jaclyn Victor sing live. That and Gigi's energetic performance? Worth.every.cent.

Any gripes?

You bet. And it's all about the venue. The air-con got pretty cold 1/2way though the show. But I dun really have issues with that. It's the bloody SOUND SYSTEM. If you think Indoor Stadium is bad, try HERE. The main speakers blasting mostly noise from the front of the stage and the blardee sound technicians can't seem to prevent the music from the instuments from 'swallowing' most of the singers' voices. And they're making Max Pavilion the main venue for concerts?? Bleargh!

Another thing. Have you any idea how far it was to walk to Hall 9 from the main road/drop-off point? Or even the car park. The poor poor old ladies limping all of the... lets see... 400 metres?? I kid you not. It's THAT far, ok?

Next year on, can we just have the APM at the simple & accessible Singapore Expo hall? Pleaseee???

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