Tuesday, October 05, 2004

28th Sept`04
I kinda miss out something...Yeap..My 20++(bleep!..bleep!) Birthday. Dun even bother asking how old I am. I'm still THAT young.
Anyway, called my dad at the office to ask where we're goin later. He told me to decide. Shucks! Yar..yar..It's the bdae girl's choice, I know. But in case you dunno, I am sumone who finds decision-making a chore. Not surprisingly, I asked this when I reach home in the evening, "So, where are we goin?" (I had a very strong feeling my dad was pretty infuriated by now. It sure dun help tat my bro is now somewhere else..) I was so looking forward to them fetching me at work...And yet, I have to drive...Boo hoo!
My dad's pretty pissed that he may miss the grand-finals of the 'dangdut-idol' contest. We leave it to my mum who took the opportunity to say, "BREEKS! Ang Mo Kio branch." What the..??? AMK? My dad & I were grumbling bout' having to go so far. Heck, I dun even noe how to get there...
In the end, kinda' easy to find the place but reaching there is not. There was a major jam on the CTE...Yikes.!..I'm hungwee..
Reaching there, I wasted no time making the order. Grrr..More choices. Lost. The fact that Zingdo served Korean food is a dbl bonus. Mum & I ordered our fav. Unagi and stuffed squids (which are a meagre 3 pcs.) Hearing that the deserts are at 50% off, she ordered 2 brownies. My dad mentioned 'meat' so I recommended the sirloin steak. Myself..? Lost again.. Settled for Seafood Marinara.
Bro came when we're like 1/2way thru' our meal. Dad was pissed before that. "This should be a family thing." As always, when my bro arrived, he kept mum. I was pissed at him to but all was forgiven when he gave me...a MASHIMARO h/p pouch!!! And it's not the flimsy cloth type. It's the leathery one with a real strap. Not those strings. And it's blue! Yayyy!!!
He ordered a meagre Fish & Chips. The dish arrived. I chose to take back that word, 'meagre'. The fillet is super-huge! Like Gurame fish.
The brownies are topped with ice-cream with whipped cream on the side. Sinful, I know but it's not often, rite??

I'm glad all went well. Thanks mum for the suggestion. The AMK branch was not only spacious, it's bright enough, convenient parking location and the food's food. I guess mum knows best, huh?

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