Sunday, October 17, 2004

Watched the Australian motor GP just now... Very intense, I tell ya. It's the final round so today's the day when they announce the world champion for 2004(even though it's obvious who the winners are...)

250cc World champion is this 19 yr-old Spanish boy....'Boy'-because he's only 19, 'boy'-because he's all of 158cm and only 43kg...'Boy'-because he still looks like one!!

He's going to be world champion as long as he got 2 pathetic points..So he kept it cool and became comfortable at 3rd position almost throughout the race, until the final 3 laps when he fell to 4th placing. Who cares??! He's the World Champion anyway... His 1st for 250cc.

What did I tell you..? Very boyish, isn't he???

But, when the race starts, you can forget about him being a 'boy'. He's the 2004 250cc World Champion! Well...Until he took off his helmet, that is.

Then it's the super, super intense battle between World Champion Valentino Rossi and the runner-up, Sete Gibernau in the 500cc race. Apparently both of them decide to make it personal. Rossi has vented his frustration at the Moivistar team during the Sepang press conference in regard to his accident at Qatar. Gibernau got so frustrated and managed only a 4th position in that Sepang race.

Rossi, despite being confirmed the World Champion, insist on making it to the 1st position knowing that Gibernau will aim for it. Gibernau meanwhile, is bent on giving Rossi a hard time. And boy, what a race it's been.

They were head to head all the while and the last 7 laps was so intense, I almost forgot I was fasting. By the last round I was screaming at Gibernau to maintain his 1st position. What the heck, Rossi beat him to the finishing line, anyway. Not that I don't like Rossi, but I think he has won enough...

Valentino Rossi...Until now, I still tell myself that he looked scary. Do you see why???

Not when he's in full gear, all action packed. Heck, you wouldn't even know it's him!

All the screaming while I'm fasting... Boy, my throat is soooo sore..!

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