Monday, November 01, 2004

Hey the last leg of 2004 Motor GP happened yesterday at Valencia, Spain.

Daniel Pedrosa won at his home country. Not surprising, huh. I'd say that he'll get to 500cc as soon as he win another championship next year. He can do it, for sure. He won the 250cc championship just a year after clinching the world 125cc title.

Pedrosa with his trophy.

Did you see how Rossi cuts everyone during the first few laps of the 500cc race to get in front and lead the others all the way..? Superb fella'. One helluva' racer. He sure knows how to create a great finisher for the racing year of 2004.

Rossi with his trophy.

Having fun. C'mon it's the last leg for this year!

His arch rival, Sete Gibernau, unlike his fellow countryman, Pedrosa, trailed at a close 4th after Australian Bayliss. The way he race... so slacked. You'll know what I mean if you see how he was neck-to-neck with Rossi in Australia.

Personally, I think he dun' wanna be on the podium with Rossi.

I told you Pedrosa is small. See how he stood beside Rossi. Like a hobbit! Hee... He's about my height. Shucks! I take back that hobbit thingy.

Individual category champs on their bikes. Cool pic!

Sigh...Now for a brand new year.....Happy holiday, guys!!!!

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