Wednesday, November 17, 2004

It seems like everyone seem to have some kinda' Hari Raya greetings in their blogs. Hope it's not too late... Well, here goes...!
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Mohon Maaf Zahir & Batin.
Harap dapat dihalalkan segala makan & minum. Thousand Apologies, for any wrongs, be it intentional or not. I know I can be pretty sarcastic sometimes... Or those jokes & teasing that may have gone a tad too far, somehow... Whatever I've done that may have displeased you, one way or other, I offer you my sincerest apologies.

Wow, that felt really good!

Hari Raya eve had already been one tiring affair. The whole family travelled all the way to Clementi & Jurong(we live in Bedok) to give food to relatives. Came back ard 1am. My mum cont'd with her last min. sewing & I ended up sleeping on the sofa(supposed to be watching Bujang Lapok). When my mum woke me up to sleep properly, it was already 4+ and my neck was really sore. So much for good posture...
1 Syawal, I woke up to the sound of a motorboat..Wait a min. A motorboat???! Turns out it's my exhausted bro. Cheh...! My mum say he just came back at 6+am...Hence the snore.
My family was hardly even getting ready at 10+am. My parents & I were just about done with breakfast & my bro was still dozing away. All's well, until my neighbour drop by-for the 'official' hari raya visit. Shucks! We had never ever had anyone visiting us on the 1st day! I welcomed them in, while still in my PJs (I already bathed before b'fast, ok.. Juz' wore my PJs, that's all). Aiyoh, so paiseh!
Turns out they're going off to Johore the day after, hence the very early visit....

My bro drove thoughout the day except for 1 occasion, from Bedok-CCK. His excuse? "Dunno the way.." Yar rite...I had to drive bare-footed cos' my pointy-front shoes ain't good for driving, somehow(so said my dad..) Spent the whole day with my mum's 2 brothers & their families.. Kecoh, I tell you! 2 vehicles travelling together.. Waiting for one another upon arrival. Rushing for the lifts and the aftermath of our arrival.... Dasyat!

My bro & myself..

The Ladies - with my maternal cousins...

I hate whatever I wore that day. I was supposed to wear it last year but I simply refused to. Now I remember why. Just how uncomfortable can a clothing be??? I had to sit-up super straight in the car cos' my kebaya was billowing around my seat. It's that 2-piece type where the outer layer is this stiff organza material that is so bloody stubborn and can't stay in place. Ish!

We reached home when it's almost 1am... Just like the previous day... Tiring, man! Not to mention the fact that I'll be the driver the next day. My bro's workin. Sheesh..!

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