Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Last Sun, 07 'Nov 2004
Maybe the holy month of Ramadhan is simply a great time for reunions. Another renion, this time with the guys, back from my Poly days.

1) Meng 2) Bas 3) Khama 4) Kai

We were to meet at 6+ and at yet, at 5+, Bas actually said that he has a last minute recall to his camp and can't make it. It's one thing to make an effort to organise and its another to make a plan work. I offered to send him back if he join us for the dinner.

Khamz met me under the block(since he live across the road from me). He's late (why am I not surprised..???) Then it's Kai. He offered to meet us at the train station instead of us having to go all the way in. Aww..That's nice of him. Thing is, he has yet to make the walk so it's some waiting on our part. By the time he reached the car, I was already in the backseat. He took over my place at the driver's seat. Ahh.. it's just so nice to sit in the back, doesn't it?

Kai driving. Sorry Kai, I am just so sick of driving at that time. Been driving the whole day...

Bas got lost in Far East Plaza itself. Hee... We had dinner at Anatolia Turkish Restaurant. The food is kinda so-so. frankly, I think the kebabs at the bazaars taste nicer. More vege. But the fries were nice.

Meng & Kai hamm it up for the camera @ Anatolia Turkish Restaurant

Then it's chill-out time(yep, chilling-out is my fav. past time) @ Borders Cafe, Wheelock Place..Duh! Had some coffee & desserts. The place is nice. Cosy and relaxing.

Meng, trying to figure out how to eat the hard-as-rock frozen peach that comes with the gelato, before biting the top off. Not surprisingly, he got brain-freeze.

An attempt at snapping a funky-lookin photo. What's in the pic? Figure it out yourself. Nice???

Me & the guys...

I wonder, how long it will take before all of us meet up again....

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