Monday, November 01, 2004

During the Gunners vs. Southampton match at the 85th minute, I already have an idea as to what the title of my next blog will be, "Attack Of The Killer Headers."

Sounds appropriate, considering the fact that both goals conceeded by Southampton is by some great headings. One with a ball from the corner - both by a guy called Rory Delap. Nice headers, though.

The fact that Henry missed a penalty was such a downer.Even though he proceed to score at the 67th min, those headers happened in the final 10 mins & I was already biting my nails.

Thierry Henry (left) is congratulated by his team-mates

So nervous was I that I did not notice Van Persie replacing Ljungberg in the very last few mins. Turns out Wenger(the genius he was) made a great move on that 'un. For that young fella' actually save Arsenal from another defeat!

Oh that shot..It felt like watching an NBA match where the team with the ball attemps a great risk at wasting time and shooting the ball thru' the hoop at the last min, with that silly organ music in the background.

I screamed "GOALLLLL!!!!" so hard that my throat still hurt. Doesn't help that I ate some mangoes at my gramma's yeasterday....

Robin van Persie is mobbed after his late leveller

Hey, check out excerpts from this match report, "..The delight was doubled when news of Manchester United’s defeat Portsmouth was read out over the tannoy system on the final whistle..."

After that final score... I decide to rename the headlines to, "Saved by the Dutch."

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