Wednesday, November 10, 2004

29th 'Oct 2004
This day, 3 ol' pals finally met up - together after long, long time. Tini - Mard - Me. How long? God knows. Each of us with our own commitments... yadaa yadaa...Same ol' excuse.

So for a reunion, what do we have? KFC. Wow... Big deal. Well... not for us who have not had that for ages. Since Mard may have difficulty meeting us on time, Tini suggested we had our break-fast at Siglap, where Mard worked. There's KFC there. Clever girl.

Anyway, since it's my collegue's b'dae, we were given 1/2 day off (yesh, our bosses gave us 1/2 day off on our b'daes..) The whole week, I've been dreaming of doing a bit of housekeeping & keeping up on my sleep when I came home early before meeting moi pals. Yar rite. I came home and my mum was actually awake. Amazing. It's only noon. "Let's go out and do some shopping," she said. Arrgh! There goes my personal plans! Sleep? Fuhgettaboutit!

Niwae, went to City Plaza & Tanjong Katong Complex. Lotsa' nice baju kurungs. Thank goodness my stuff are all ready. Can't imagine having to make more decisions, "which one to purchase...should I fork out $$$ for that ridiculously expensive suit??" blah..blahh... Well, my mum bought an "exclusive" suit. The type where it's one & only and you won't risk having someone else on the street wearing that same clothes as you do. $173, down from $249 for an organza abju kurung... Cool right?? My mum tried to get me to purchase one too. No way! Unless I wanna sabotage my own financial planning and bust my budget. Hello, festive season..?
Enough of shopping. Not that I'm THAT interested, aniwae. Met Tini & she suggested we took these 2 buses. 1 to MacPherson and then 40 to Siglap. Thing is, at MacPherson, we were not sure, from which side of the road, should we take the bus from. Wanna know the route? Imagine a capital 'D'. Instead of travelling along the vertical line, we went around the curve. Not surprisingly, Mard started calling us when we are not even near there. Come to think of it, it's pretty hilarious, cos' 1/2 the time, both Tini & I wondered if we'll even reach Siglap. Hee..

We were still a tad early for break-fast. So we sat at the near empty KFC, while waiting for the time to break-fast. Lotsa' to catch up on one anothers' lives. Then it's makan time!

1)Mard looking smart (though Tini & I tot' she looked like a security guard)
2)Tini, ever so proud of her new earrings.

3)This was eaten by 3 ppl. What a mess! *burp!
4)The only things left unfinished. 1 cute bun and a date. The dates are so fresh, they taste like grapes.

After dinner, we wondered where to go. Mard can't stay up too late cos' got morning shift the day after. Niwae, Tini dropped by Starbucks to see if her frens were there. Well, turn out, not one, but 3 of them were there. So we end up hanging out there. Kinda' cool. Why not? Got free drinks and the atmospere is very much 'chilled-out'.

5) 3 of us @ Starbucks Siglap.

Tini actually had space for a waffle ice-cream. She can't resist the temptation of having Gelare next door.

6)Tini, happy that she get her waffle ice-cream. Gelare, no less.
7)We only leave behind the soggy parts. *burp - again

8)Lin, sharing with us some juicy gossips about a 'certain someone...' Beside her is her fren, whatzisname
9)Tini & me

And finally, as proof that we were there, Tini offered her smile to go with the Starbucks sign in the background...

I LOVE coffee.

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