Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Today is the 2nd day that my bosses are away. I know, some of you must be thinking: "WHEN THE CAT IS AWAY, THE MICE COME OUT TO PLAY" I'm not that sort, ok...?

Aniwae, as always, my collegue & myself has been pondering as to where to go during our block leave during Chinese New Year. Krabi? (what about the violence in the South?) Bali? (Is it within our budget?) M'sia? (Drats! It's the monsoon!)

Seriously, I wanna go to Krabi. Last time I went to Phuket, it's only for a pathetic 2 1/2 days. Very unsatisfactory. Besides, I can't get enough of the natural beauty of that place.

You see what I mean..? Isn't it simply gorgeous?

Anyway, before leaving for Pulau Sipadan @ Sabah for their diving trip, my boss's wife actually booked 2 tix to Phuket for this Feb on Tiger Air. Only $105 inc. tax. She excitedly booked A WHOLE WEEK for our trip. Whoa!

Actually, I dun' mind. Someone has helped us with the decision-making, after all. Thing is, I dunno just how to break this to my dad. He's been saying bout' how Thailand is just no longer safe. Shucks...! True enough, when I broke the news to him, he questioned me over & over as to whether the place is safe enough...

Anyway, I plan on staying at 2 different places for that whole week. One will be on Phi Phi Island and then Banthai Resort in Phuket-the same resort I stayed in previously. The resort is pretty expensive but I just can't seem to get over my previous experience there.

I love this resort! Very contemporary Thai design, boasts 2 swimming pools & has EVERY rooms facing each of the gogeous pool!

Sigh...Now starting to make my personal countdown to February 2005...Whoo!!!

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