Tuesday, November 30, 2004

27th Nov '04
Went to Belakang Padang. For those not geographically inclined, it's located a mere 15mins away(by motorised sampans) from the main island of Batam. Yes, Batam, the place where chee-ko-peks go to find a new wife...

my cousin sumi & myself during the journey.

Meant to update on the trip there on Sun but my parent still haven't had enuff' of jalan raya, so who else had to drive them around but yours truly? Grumble..Grumble..

Yesterday, was still feeling the vibes of updating me blog but Monday blues gave me a bonus -Migraine.... Urgh!

Now, I'm feeling the vibes no more, so just saying that I went for the trip to attend a cousin's wedding. Apparently, they chose the wedding date based on the Javanese calendar (just like the Chinese ppl), therefore the wedding falls on Saturday, instead of the usual Sunday.

As always, we dropped by the market to buy the usual stuff that can hardly be found in S'pore but we always yearn for when watching the ads on Indo channels. Groceries like Kicap ABC, Kicap Bango, Super Mi, Kropok Tempeh... Or toiletries, medications & supplements like Adem Sari, So Klin Power, Madu Hutan, Komix, Kunyit Asam... The shopkeeper sure had a jolly good time attending to us... why not? We bought stuff like it's World War 3. Can't help it. These stuff are way too expensive in S'pore.

Niwae since it's still Lebaran, we took time to go house-visiting. Word get around fast on that small island. Everyone seem to know we're coming, therefore every house served us these really yummy'licious food. All of us were so bloated it's amazing the sampan never sink with the extra weight (inc. stuff tat were packed for us to bring home).

Missed catching the sunset. Whatever is left of it on the way home...

Hmmpf! So much for 'not having the vibes' to update......

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