Friday, April 28, 2006

congrats, tini

congrats, Tini!

Before I forget (how can I ever?), here's some heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS from me to a very dear fren that I've known since... what? K2? That's like.... A LOT of years ago (I dare not say the actual no. of years, there. Make me feel old. I dislike feeling old)!

Anyway, to Suriatini & Odi, who will be getting hitched over this weekend:

All the Best of Wishes for your big step into another phase in your life. May your marriage be blessed by Allah s.w.t with marital bliss that will last for the rest of your life. May both you and Odi have kids who will bring added happiness & joy. And most importantly, have a positive outlook in life. Insya-Allah, you'll make it through.

Can't wait to see the both of you with your big, big smile, sitting on the dais!

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