Tuesday, May 02, 2006

my best fren's wedding

another one down, more to go

My close pal from poly was the 1st. Last year, it was my close pal from secondary school. Last weekend, my primary school close pal also jumped on the bandwagon.

Having tried to be there whenever I can, helping with what is necessary, it feels really good to see it all turn out pretty nicely. It also helps that the bride is a pretty organised person and knows what she wants. Rite, Tini?

You looked really gorgeous, you know. Seri pengantin, lah katakan.

I remember asking her, hours after the nikah, if it's been arduous or even hassling. This is what she replied, "Arduous? Not at all! In fact, I feel great. Like a princess!"

How cute. How happy you sounded. And on the day of the reception, seeing you sitting on the dais, looking all regal, your glowing face emanating such a blissful aura, I felt a little tingling on my skin. Cos' you had looked so perfect, almost untouchable. Haha! Sounds funny, huh?

Both of you looked really good as a couple, lah. Apa pepatah melayu, tue? Bagai pinang dibelah dua??? Yah, that's how the both of you are like.

Pink being your favourite colour, really really suit you. Odi looked so.... metrosexual like that. Heh.

So now, go enjoy the freedom you have with this new life and also your new home. Now both of you have a BIG, FAT 'M' to put in you marital status! ;)

More pics H E R E

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