Thursday, May 11, 2006

looong weekend

looong weekend

I'm supposed to be packing by now but the mood has yet to kick in. And I gotta leave home by 7+ tomorrow morning. Packing in advance has never been my forte. Wish me luck. Lots of it.

I was more apprehensive than I was excited. Heck, I even reduced the amount of SGD that I'm converting to RM! All those places that I have running in my head, well... Maybe I'm just nervous. Yes, that's what. But it's not like it's my 1st time there! Sheesh!

Maybe the idea that my cousin who's in this trip with me has contacted our distant cousin in KL is a pretty good idea. And that he's willing to bring us around is an EVEN better idea. But the fact that this bumbling cousin of mine conveniently FORGOT to inform him about keeping this matter a hush-hush from his family makes all this a BAAD MOVE. Geez!

And my cousin's hasty bid to make him keep mum was pretty much wasted. Not only has he (excitedly) informed his mum, she EVEN invited us over to their home. The 3 of us going there has only this ONE worry. His BROTHER. Yes, that's who we wanna avoid.

Cos' he's such a pest. A pesky pest. Or a pesky parasite of a pest. Urgh! Even my mum called him "the tall shadow" cos' that's how he like to stick to us. Like a blardee shadow and I'm having none of that during this trip. He's THAT irritating, ok.

Thankfully my mum reminded me that both brothers never seem to move around together (maybe they dun get along??). I'm banking on that fact to perk me up for this trip. Since we've 'snagged' the younger brother as our guide, I wish he'll (thankfully) stay away. Please wish me luck on this one, too. THIS, I really need.

Ok, gotta start packing. Enjoy the looong weekend, ya! Ciao!

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