Wednesday, May 31, 2006

happi burfdae, bro!

happi burfdae bro

To my one and only brother, or even to my one and only sibling (yeap, just the 2 of us), HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DUDE!

Let's see... How old are you now? Considering I'm only 19 and that you are 3 years ahead of me.... Haha.. Ya rite! I WISH! Me- just NiNeteen??? Ok, ok... Enough griping bout the age, already.

I know there are many out there who envy us (tak tau malu!) b'cos of our close bonding. Yaa, many remarked that the way I converse with him - be it over the phone or face-to-face is unlike the usual way a brother & sister will communicate. Just you and me, y'noe?

And we go out shopping together once a while. Sometimes it's the movies. Often, it's supper. I didn't know that most brothers and sisters are even EMBARASSED to be seen out together! No wonder I've often been mistaken to be his girlfren by his unknowing frens (we dun look so much alike, you see). Thus, I now distance myself whenever we meet his frens on the streets. Even my relatives are using us as icons for good brother-sister relationships.

Anyway, dude. Thanks for always being there for me. Supporting my quirky ideas, choices & decisions. And most importantly for taking care of me and showing your concern in a way unlike those I heard in those horror over-protective-elder-brother stories. Thank you, thank you, thank you. On this special day, I wish for you to meet the girl of your dreams and our family's dreams and having more success in your career. And may you be further blessed with good health. Oh, stop that tardiness & start saving up, will ya??!

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