Friday, May 26, 2006

weekend getaway.

weekend getaway

I hate packing. Have I said it before? Well, I shall say it again. I H-A-T-E packing. My first attempt at doing that on Wednesday had been futile cos' my brother found me sleeping on my pile of clothes when he came home from work. So I decide to do it yesterday.

But then, I chose to watch the late-night sceening of American Idol instead (despite having already watched the earlier screening on Ch 5). So I tell myself, "Bayya, if you dun pack now, you ain't gonna have time to do it tomorrow. When that happens, you can FORGET about this trip." That had me moving, albeit a bit slow. By the time I was done, it was already in the wee hours of morning and I still have yet to choose the songs to listen for the long journey. And I've been deprived of much needed sleep since last week.... *uwah!*

I need them songs, ok. I'll be spending 4hrs on the van and another 2-3hours boat ride. I can just sleep but I'm not THAT good at sleeping during journeys.

I know that Pulau Tioman is not that far off but FYI, diving trips are almost comparable to budget trips- in terms of transport and not to mention the lodging. So we kinda' took the longer route there. Hope the facilities are not as basic as Pulau Dayang....

And boy, am I glad that I finally get to utilise my birthday gift. It may not the the complete dive comp but it's sufficient enough for me. It's not called Swatch FUN SCUBA for nothing, rite?

All yee sea creatures in the depths off Tioman, here I come!!!

I dunno how I'm making it to work on Monday...... Sure exhausted, liao!

Enjoy the weekend, peeps!

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