Wednesday, May 17, 2006



hola! Last weekend had been pretty shaggadelic awesome. 4 days in KL with my 2 cousins, Sue & Nor. Right in the heart of Bukit Bintang. I was determined to spend more time sight-seeing instead of shopping. In fact, shopping was pushed right to the very end of our itinerary. Made it to Petaling Str & Jln Masjid India on our last night and the very day of our departure respectively.

Places in our itinerary:
KLCC Bridge - *check*
Aquaria KLCC - *check*
Putrajaya - *check*
Berjaya Times Square - *check*
Sunway Lagoon - *check*
Petaling Street - *check*
Jln Masjid India - *check*
KL Tower - *missed* (will definitely go next time)

Yeah, we did go to a lotta' places, eh? Would like to thank my cousin, Masko & his beau, Aisyah for driving us around and providing us with the passes to the Asian X-Games @ Sunway Lagoon. And many thanks to the poor Kancil, too. It's amazing how far that tiny car can go.

Our hotel had been so near to this Hainanese chicken rice shop that I had yearned to patronise again. And then I noticed this reputed chicken rice shop owned by a famed radio dj just a few doors away. Then I can't make up my mind. I was also wondering at the same time, how the heck am I going to sample the famed Kg. Pandan Nasi Lemak??

Blessings come in the form of our Aunt Mis (Masko's mum) for her great hospitality and the food. The 2nd time we came by her place, she served Chicken Rice. And boy! Doesn't that solve my 1st dilema! It may not be the Hainan chicken rice that I had yearned for but the honey-marinated chicken served with the huge bowl of chicken soup and freshly-prepared chilli very well made up for it. Slurrp!

And the Nasi Lemak? Easy. My aunt had asked for us to drop by her place and she'll send us to Pudu. And she asked, "So what do you wanna eat before going back?" The 3 of us gave each other a knowing look before saying, "Nasi Lemak!" FYI, she's quite known for that dish cos' she used to sell that. Come to think of it, Capitol Hotel was also quite known for their Nasi Lemak and I managed to feast on that during their breakfast buffet. Heh.

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