Thursday, May 18, 2006


Barcelona 2 Arsenal 1

I dunno what the heck made me sit thru' the awards-giving ceremony. But I'll be lying if I say that it wasn't my heart that's breaking.

Was it the downpour that tore Arsenal apart? Or Almunia's nerves? The refree's hasty decision? Or Wenger's too-late realisation to bring out the attacking force? No point playing the blaming game now, ain't it? But I dare say that Frank Rijkaard's wisdom did play a vital role in bringing his team to victory. I bow to him. Who would have expected his subs to eventually turn the game around? Pick up the pace and increase the tempo?

When Eto'o scored Barca's 1st goal, I was like, "Oh no. Not a penalty shootout. I hate penalty shootouts." Man, I take back my words. I sure didn't expected the game to turn in Barca's favour. And when Belletti scored, my heart sank. No way is the game going to turn around now. There won't even be a penalty shootout... There's no need to.

Anyway, many congrats to Barcelona F.C & especially their fans. Oh, wipe that smirk off your face. Yeah, I'm pretty sore now but I know a good team when I see one and Barca's FAB. If not for my undying loyalty for Arsenal, I will be rejoicing now, too.

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