Tuesday, May 23, 2006

hot laydee

this laydee is lookin' hot!

Someone glams it up for the red carpet at Cannes (film festival). Can you guess who?

If you think that she looks a tad familar but can't quite put as to who she is, let me give you a clue. She's Canadian and was once every (wannabe) teenage girls epitome of a rocker-punk chick. Yeah, THAT Avril Lavigne.

Gone are her bermudas, singlets and tees. Or that skinny tie, even. What about the boots and Jack Parcell hi-cuts? And those cute little black bands on her wrists? Just look at her now. Gorgeous, eh? Sexy even. And she seemingly exude an aura that easily caused heads to turn in her way.

But then again....

I guess some people never really change. Old habits die hard, you know.

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