Friday, May 05, 2006

somewhere in punggol...

somewhere in punggol...

.... there live a couple who had just gotten hitched over the past weekend.

Deanna was pretty curious about their new abode and enquired bout' dropping by.

The still-fresh-from-the-pelamin Tini was so enthusiatic bout' the idea that she told us to drop by on that Wednesday itself (the very day I asked her).

Aiyoh, wait lah. I have to be mentally prepared before I can drive to Punggol, ok?

So Deanna asked for her to 'cook something nice' for us. And her regretful reply? "Sorry we have yet to bring in the gas. But we have a deep fryer, though."

Geez, I think that's pretty cute.

So yesterday evening, I brought the fries & onion rings (what else? deep fryer only, remember?) while D was like an illegal a dvd peddler, with her stash of thriller (cheap) movies in the bag. Managed to watch 2 movies, 16 Blocks & The Hills Have Eyes.

I just found out that the journey from Punggol to Bedok took a mere 20mins! I wouldn't have learnt that had I NOT lost track of the time and almost forgot to send my mum to work. In fact, despite leaving Punggol really late, I reached my carpark before my mum even made her way down. Phew! AND I stick to the speed limit, wokay?

Many thanks to our 2 hosts, Tini & Odi for welcoming us to their new lovenest home. Also for letting D doze off on your pretty matress by the windows and letting me snuggle up on the uber-comfy corner of your sofa.

I remember asking them, "Hey, maybe one day, can we just sleep over here?" They gave me and incredulous look before Odi finally broke the silence, saying, "Wait ah. I gotta ask my mum. Scared later she get angry."
I was like *?huh?*. Then Tini replied, "Just come lah! Ask permission like that for what??"

Oh ya. I forgot this is THEIR OWN house. Just them. What's with my formality?? Geez!

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