Thursday, May 18, 2006


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It's funny huh, how my entry about my trip to KL ended with me eventually yabbing about chicken rice & nasi lemak?? Sheesh!

Come to think of it, for a 4-day trip, I haven't been to THAT many places, actually. In fact, the 3 of us took every possible opportunity to get into our nightgowns and laze around in the hotel room, watching cable tv and reading magazines. We SERIOUSLY need to consider getting into a beach resort the next time.

Maybe those intending to head to KL for what they have to offer in terms of sightseeing can take this as a VERY INFORMAL guide. *dun say I didn't warn you*

Petronas Twin Towers
They start giving out the tix @ 8.30am. On busy days (weekends/public holidays), all tix would have been given out in around 1hr. Be prepared to wake up early for this. Oh and there's allocated timings so dun get disappointed if you dun get to go on the spot.

And here's the 'best' part: The bridge is on the mere 41st floor and you'll get to stay on it for a mere 10mins. Disappointing? Go figure.

Aquaria, KLCC
More conveniently accessible by the underground route from Suria KLCC, heading towards the Convention Centre. It's a pretty long walk, actually. Was told by the guard that it's 'around 100 metres'. I can swear it's 3x more. You know M'sians. Everything is 'NEAR' for them.

Entry is at RM38. Pretty much worth it, if you're into marine life. There's quite a number of insect species on display, too. Those daring ones can go to this 'hands-on' corner where you can have a scorpion crawling up your arm and grab a handful of squirmy worms ala Fear Factor. Also check out their underwater tunnel. The sharks are worth watching. You can also get a caricature done for RM20.

This one is interesting. Unless you drive there, it's best you go on a weekday, when the government offices are open. Just so you'll be able to make use of their public transports. But their bus service is blardee slow and unless you know which bus to take, it's best you hail a cab. But then again, their cabs are pretty scarce. FYI, the offices are closed on Saturdays.

Alamanda Shopping Centre doesn't have much actually. But tai-tais may like to check out the famous designer, Rizalman's boutique.

The place to go in Putrajaya is the Dataran (Esplanade). Where that beautiful mosque is. And also where you can see that gorgeous bridge from a distance. The picturesque view makes the long trip there worth it. You can take their cruise or boat ride that will bring you around the huge lake and even closer to the various government buildings (even the ministers' residences).

Getting there: Take the KLIA Transit Komuter from KL Sentral. The ride's around 1/2hr or so. The tix cost RM9.50. From the Putrajaya Komuter station, you can take a bus to Alamanda. But I'm not sure If they go directly to the Dataran. You REALLY have to ask around.
Going back to KL, I got really lucky. Firstly, we had planned to get a cab back to the Komuter station, take the Komuter ride back to KL Sentral and another LRT ride back to Bt. Bintang. Somehow, due to a little miscommunication, we managed to get a great offer. RM30 from Putrajaya ALL THE WAY to Bt. Bintang. Cool huh?? Even cheaper than the train ride. But there's a catch: The cabs are REALLY scarce. Some cabbies will give you their contact number but they can charge pretty steep prices. Try to strike a good bargain.

Berjaya Times Square
Quite a big shopping centre, this one. But I come here solely for the Cosmo's Indoor Theme Park rides. My friend had been raving so much bout' their roller coaster that I'm determined to give it a shot (took it 2x).

Tickets are at RM25. The 7-storey high roller coaster (Supersonic Odyssey) is pretty impressive. When I went there, the Spinning Orbit is closed for maintenance. Too bad. I also dig this other thrilling ride, Space Attack. Shiok, I tell you! Rides like Dizzy Izzy, DNA Mixer and Ooort's Express only make you dizzy.

Sunway Lagoon

I had my cousin to drive us there and he also provided us with the free passes for both the entrance & the Asian X-Games so details on how to get there and how much to get in, please go *H E R E*.

Anyway with the X-Games pass, we only need to pay RM10 for ALL the rides there, both Wet & Dry. The weather was scorching hot but the games, I heard was pretty cool. I missed most of them anyway since most competition were held the day before. But the Motor-X show was rad! Uber, uber breath-taking (and noisy).

For their rides, I'd like to recommend this pretty new 'un. The Pirates Revenge. It's a viking ride with a twist. Instead of going the usual 180 deg. from one end to the other, this one goes 360 DEGREES (yes, 1 whole round!).

And their Tomahawk is equivalent to the Top Gun rides but I swear it feels much faster. I LIKE! Not much rides actually. It'll be more fun to experience both the wet & dry rides at the same time.

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