Friday, June 02, 2006

tioman dive trip

diving @ tioman

A tad late but better than never, I guess..

Just a quick weekend getaway. 2D1N trip to the Salang part of Pulau Tioman. That place is like the Patong Beach of Phuket. Brimming with tourists and the prices of things there are very much fluctuated/hiked *yikes!*.

The resort I stayed in was VERY basic (no fancy-schmancy fluffy pillows or comforters kinda' thing) but at least they have a toilet attached to every rooms (and aircon!). It was darn far from the jetty, ok. Like 10-15mins walk. I remembered walking to the resort as soon as we arrived at P.Tioman after a dreadful 4hr boat ride from Mersing, at around 4 freaking AM. Felt like some hiking trip along the poorly lit paths (at some parts, even total darkness!).

Diving wise, I can say there are more varieties of marine life as compared to the Pulau Aur-Dayang area but the clarity/visibilty underwater is slightly lagging. Managed to explore the famed underwater caves. Gorgeous! The night dive was pretty boring and I got lotsa' unknown sediments coming my way *ugh!*. And the waters off the distant, lone islands has within it, some of the the most wonderful array of marine life worth exploring. Love it!

Oh ya... My collegue and I chipped in to bring along an el-cheapo underwater Kodak disposable camera (max. 15m underwater). But I think we brought it to almost 20m.. Still survived.. Heh.

Warh, I wonder how much I got paid for promoting this....

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