Tuesday, June 27, 2006

suzi bdae

Dearest Suzi,

First and foremeost, Thousand Apologies from me for forgetting your birthday. It totally slipped my mind. Really!

Like how I've explained thru' my sms to you yesterday, I've mistaken your birthday with that of Prince William. Yes, that monarch. The 2nd in line to the British throne. Yar, yar. I know. It's not like I'm celebrating his birthday anyway... I dunno why I keep muddling yours & his birthday together.

And so I 'confidently' told you that I recalled your birthday only yesterday, which I thought to be Wills birthday. Even THAT was wrong! I googled on his b'dae and found out it falls on the 21st! It's still a mystery, why I happened to remember your birthday only yesterday-the 26th. Geez!

Oh wait, I think I know. It's gotta be the WORLD CUP! A major distraction, I tell you! Tsk!

Anyway, my dear cousin. Here's wishing you to be blessed with good health, success and happiness. Life will definitely be different without you. You and your big, bright smile.

Here's my virtual birthday present to you. I have used some pretty frames for your pics. Nice or not?

Last but not least:

HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAYYYY!!!!!!!!!! <---ur fave colours, no?


shireen said...

Hi CT!
Alahaiiiii kesiannyer u!For the mean time we open till 8 or 9 lyk dat la.
Smlm we finish our target periuk cepat dats y we close early..
Sori bout dat yea ;)

CT said...

It's ok.

It's a matter of bad timing, I guess... Takper, there's always another day.... Agak2x weekend you cook a BIGGER periuk, tak?