Monday, June 12, 2006

cawan dunia

cawan dunia .. ok ok... world cup

eh, everyone's talking bout it, la. Never one to jump on the bandwagon but I can't help reminiscing the past years....

many men from various countries congregate on the field chasing after one ball and many fans from all over the world supporting them, hoping for their favourite team to finally get to hold up THAT golden thing that DOES NOT even look like a CUP. The person who designed this cup must have been really hungry and fantasised himself munching on a drumstick when he came upon this idea. I mean..? Ok.. ok.... Yeah, look closely and you'll see the significance of the intricately carved men holding up the world.. yadaa.. yadaa.. Anyway, what I mean is that it looks more like a TROPHY and NOT a CUP. Gettit..?

Anyway, I remember back when I was old enough to know what 'football' is and how BIG the World Cup (the tournament, not the trophy) is, I gamely chose my favourite team. The one with the white jersey and some multi-colored patterns running across the chest area. Yes, West Germany (back then, Germany was divided by the Berlin Wall). My bro chose Argentina. Because of that you-know-who la. I bugged my dad for a jersey and he bought me the t-shirt instead *hmpf!*.

But that doesn't matter. Cos' during the 1990 World Cup, the finals saw (my) W.Germany & Argentina battling it out and my team won! That totally sparkled my interest in soccer and I've never looked back ever since. My 'hero' back then? Juergen Klinsmann. Yep, the current German coach. Those days, there were Lothar Mathheus (capt'n), Rudi Voller, Thomas Hassler etc. FYI, back then I totally supported Liverpool in the EPL. Because of Kenny Dalglish. Now it's Arsenal, baby!

The best part has got to be the previous World Cup, held in Japan/Korea. I had just graduated from Poly and instead of immediately hunting for a job, I chose instead to slack around. Cos' World Cup was around the corner, that's why. And since it was held in Asia, the time difference will not be THAT far, meaning most of the live matches will be telecast in the day. Tell me, won't it be insane for me to start working then (much to my mum's frustration)??

And yes. Only as soon as the tournament ended did I type out my resume (really!). Crazy huh? And this year, I have religiously planned out which live match to watch and which ones to miss (and watch the repeats later). When to sleep, when to wake up.... It's been crazy. Of all things, I forgot to subscribe to the World Cup channel. Got my brother to call Starhub last Saturday. Phew!

It's only been 3 days.. I've got the rest of the month to go. I dunno how I'll make it. All my appointments have to be planned AROUND the telecast of the matches. Sorry, frens. This happen only every 4 years, y'knoe.... Oh FYI, I no longer support Germany (despite my 'hero' coaching them). I've yet to choose my fave team(s). Gonna see how they perform in their first matches....CRAZY!

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