Sunday, June 25, 2006

ny pizza


Was sending off my cousins (they take ferry back to Batam) at the Harbourfront Ferry/Cruise Centre when the tentalising aroma of baked cheese hit me. Sedaaapppp...!

And I saw this:

I was like, "Oh well, New York Pizza? Aiyah, cannot eat lah..."

Then my aunt pulled my arm and pointed to THIS:

Eh, ada logo Halal!

And then I realised that most of their workforce is made up of Malay teens. But then, I just came back from a wedding reception and there's no way I have space for more in my tum-tums. And the queue seemed endless.

But then again, I waited for almost an hour before my cousins finally check-in & my parents wanted to check on the sale at the BIG! Superstore above. The last straw was when my other cousin bought 3 slices of their pizza and the aroma was... too overbearing, man! And the pizzas are packed in these triangular boxes of at least 30cm in length. No points for guessing, just how big the slices are.

As luck would have it, there was nary a queue and I felt myself drawn to the counter. Must be that freshly-baked pizza smell! Ciss! And I figured out why the aroma wafted continuously. They ACTUALLY baked the pizzas ONLY when your order comes thru' and you wait by the side as they bake. They label the boxes with your name so a screw-up is possibly unavoidable.

While waiting, I saw THIS:

Looks GOOD, eh? Doesn't THAT just tempt you??

And also THIS:
Soup in a bread-bowl, green salad & CHEESE fries. Ouwwh!!!

Tell you what. Go here -->

Check out their buffalo wings.


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