Tuesday, June 13, 2006

family edition

family edition

Another family edition. This time in 3s. As in 3 persons per pic, la.

I guess M.I.A mummy Resse Witherspoon is busy bringing home the bread with filming committments. So it's down to house-husband hottie-hubby Ryan Phillipe to bring the kids, Ava & Deacon out to watch the animated movie, Cars on it's opening day.

Ava's a splitting image of her mummy, isn't she? And Deacon looks like daddy. Like *duh*.

And those wondering about Britney's soon-to-expand little family, here's something to quell your curiousity.

I wonder if it's her attempt at showing to the world that all's randy-dandy with her marriage. Esp. since many had quoted that it's been ages since both of them were last seen together.

There's something about seeing the pic that had me scratching my head at first. I pondered and pondered and realised that this is the FIRST TIME I saw the loser K-Fed carrying Sean (his son). I mean, seriously.

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