Monday, June 05, 2006

thanks, bas

what a way to thank

This guy just made my day. He turned my monday blues to... erm... something more cheerful. See lah. I'm at loss for words.

Anyway, I guess it's his way of thanking me for helping him succeed in his relationship so far. Well Bas, you've thanked me enough. Now it's my turn...


minerva said...

That's so chweet! :)
Awesome dedication, man..

Hope evtg's going well for U, Bayya.
Take care & stay special,
p.s. Best regards to all at home too.

CT said...

I really love receiving comments from you. Cos' yours are those that also made my day.

"Take care & stay special.."
Back to you.
FYI, you've ALWAYS been special.. ;)