Wednesday, June 21, 2006

been a long time

been a long time, eh?

blame it on the world cup.

Last week, I LITERALLY got the World Cup fever. By 'literally' mean the kind when your temperatures run high and you get the chills and your nose drip like nobody's business. Not just getting-into-the-world-cup-frenzy kind of 'fever'.

Ermm.... Well, THAT included, actually.

And the best part is, my boss knows that I've been staying up to watch the matches. So I actually dragged myself to work when I should just remain in bed. My boss had told me, amidst my sniffles, that I should just go home but I chose to put on a strong front and show him I'm a good worker and I don't necessarily mix work & leisure together. My bad, I know.

Even worse, at home I had to put on yet another strong front when my mum's around. I dare not risk incurring her wrath upon knowing my being sick. Why? Wait till' I get to THAT part.

I eventually succumb to the fever on the 2nd day and slept right thru'. My dad (also my partner-in-crime) had to let the cat out the bag about me running a temperature. My mum was amused at first, thinking I contracted the flu from someone or something. She even jokingly chided me. THEN the ULTIMATE TRUTH dawned upon her....

"This is because you've been staying up to watch soccer, rite??!! You know you've gotta work and you STILL wake up so early to watch soccer?!! Why can't you just watch the repeats like everybody else? You are just being stubborn, aren't you? What did I say about staying up...?

....You brough this upon YOURSELF!"

Ouch. My goodness, I can ACTUALLY see that coming. There're more, ok. I'm just quoting SOME of her nagging. Even as she came to check on me, putting the back of her hand to my forehead to see if the fever had subsided, she went on, "See lah. Watch soccer some more.." Oww, mum!

I missed a grand total of SIX matches during my abstinence, in order to recoup back my lost sleep and rest. I learnt my lesson (the hard way) and all you out there should, too. All these staying up and NOT getting back the lost sleeping hours will take a toll on your stressed-out body. Go and drink lotsa' lotsa' water and pop those vitamins. And eat those fruits. Especially those of you who are using the lunch hours to snooze.... TAKE CARE! The finals are still a long way ahead.

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