Tuesday, June 13, 2006

morning quote (world cup)

morning quote:

I got a little inkling that I'm gonna get sick. I'm battling a cold that's eager to be a full-blown bout of flu. My bro just recovered and the fact that I've been lacking sleep sure doesn't help.

My soccer-naive boss came in, heard my nasal-twang-of-a-voice and asked, "Are u sick?" I was like, "Err.. Just a little cold."

The next line from him really made me succumb to sheer embarrassment. "Not enough sleep? Got match at 9pm, 12 am and 3am, rite?" (OMG, he assumed I watched ALL those matches EVERYDAY!)

And the wife chipped in, "Everyday got match, is it?"

I was quick to say, "NO! I mean I skip the 12am match to sleep. I watch the 3am one." That has got to be the stupidest admission EVER.

Now, I'm even more determined NOT to report sick. Or even fall asleep at my desk. Not when my boss knew that I brought this unto myself beacause of the World Cup... Sheesh!



minerva said...

Uh oh, i do hope U are feelin' better now -

Do try to get enough rest & take loadsa water & fruits, ya.
U'll be fine :)
Take care & Hugz, minerva*
p.s. Best regards to all at home too.

CT said...

FYI, I realli got sick. I tied to 'battle' it myself for I fear incurring my mum's wrath. Well, she found out eventually and not surprisingly I did get an earful from her, "...You know u gotta work and yet u still stay up to watch soccer!! Now u got yourself sick...."

But I'm better now and I've been popping garlic pills and Vit. C and lots and lots of water.

Thanks so much for your concern! ;D

minerva said...

Ouch, that must've hurt.. :o

Glad U are better now.
Yea, no more late-night/early morning matches for now.. ;)

Keep taking loadsa water, fruits & enough rest, ya.
Hugz (& wishes to all at home too),