Saturday, July 01, 2006


Brandon freaking-hunky-dory Routh

All throughout their promotional period, I (and I believe, MOST women) have been treated with a feast for the eyes in the form of Mr Brandon-oh-so-gorgeous-Routh. I've heard that his name rhymes with 'South' so why do I still hear his name being mentioned as 'Ruth'? Geez.

Anyway, back to him being almost EVERYWHERE. It comes to a point that it's unbearable. Never one to watch a movie on the weeekend that it opens but this shall be an exception. I REALLY wanna watch him in that ridiculous costume of his (yar, yar.. one can't really get over that RED briefs being worn OUTSIDE), getting all heroic and making ladies all over to swoon and pine for him. Not really one to jump on the bandwagon but I WANT TO SEE HIM!!!!

So I got my like-minded cousins to join me with 3 of my cousin's kids in tow. Booked a day in advance and already, almost 1/2 the cinema has been booked! What more, my 1st choice team to hoist the World Cup-Argentina lost early this morning and I was even more eager to see that eye-candy. Treat my heartache, come on!

Definitely a sight for sore eyes. I guess I amused my cousins to bits when I sighed with everytime he came onscreen (as Superman). That little curl hanging on his forehead... Can I PULL? Pleaseeee...??? I LOVE it when he float elevate himself vertically.

I know that is SO like, Magneto of the X-Men fame. But it's another thing to see a young stud doing the same thing, ok? Besides, Magneto is not even comparable. He's.... shrivelled wrinkled OLD.

Ouwh, that sculpted body! Yar, I know that the costume is padded. But I also heard that he enthusiastically worked out before the filming and end up straining the (now maroon-not-red & blue) costume at the seams, what with his buffed bod and the paddings combined. And that overrated tale about his 'package'?? Forget it. If they (the producers) really did fork out millions to reduce the size onscreen, I guess it works.

I thought I can use the hour-long bus journey back home to unbashedly imagine myself to be the one Superman pines after. To be the same one who gingerly stepped on his (Redwing look-alike) boots and hang out (literally) with him beyond the stratosphere. Sigh.... Wouldn't THAT be nice..?

All THAT dreamy thoughts came to a halt when I end up taking a crowded bus. So packed that I stood beside the bus driver captain for a few stops. And stood mostly. By the time I sat down, I was too sleepy due to the deprivation cause by continuous watching of live soccer matches. Darn!

Anyway, eat your hearts out, ladies. Mr Routh here is happily attached to his long-time girlfriend, whom he met back when he's very much unknown.

Courtney Ford is one LUCKY woman.


defiant goddess said...

Brandon is drop dead gorgeous and he was working those tights. LOL

This weekend we get to see another cutie, Mr. Johnny Depp and my personal favorite, Keanu Reeves - so what if he is animated, a girl can always dream.

You know who else is really, really cute? John Hensley. He plays Matt on Nip/Tuck.

Anyway, look at me. I'm just going on and on like this is a slumber party. heehee :)

CT said...

Oh yeah.....

This may seem creepy but you and I-we seem to have the same tastes in those drool-worth Hollywood fellas.

Keanu Reeves - check
Johnny Depp - check
John Hensley - check

Slumber party? I wish. Just too bad we're located on the opposite sites of the globe.