Sunday, July 16, 2006

Expo jam

expo jam

Is there anyone out there who made their way down to the Singapore Expo today? Around 2-3pm to be exact. ANYONE???? I'm sure there's A LOT who do.

My mum had wanted to check the Pesta Perkahwinan and there was a MASSIVE TRAFFIC JAM right there. In fact the jam starts right at the junction near the entrance of ITE College East. At that point, we have not EVEN passed S'pore Expo yet. My dad soon got tired of nagging & complaining and fell asleep (esp. after I tuned to Gold 90.5fm to ease the tension). More then 1/2hr later, I moved BARELY 300metres. Heck, I have yet to EVEN reach the overhead bridge, where the bus-stops are. MORE THAN 1/2HR LATER!!

My dad woke up and he was horrified to see that we're still there and shrieked (yes, my dad does that sometimes), "Why are we still here?! Forget about going there. Move out! Signal left and move out!!"

Until now, we're still in the dark. JUST WHAT WAS BEING HELD IN SINGAPORE EXPO TODAY??? I noticed that the carparks were VERY full and my guess that's what is causing the jam. I thought it was only the Pesta Perkahwinan that was being held over this weekend but I guessed wrong. Even when I drove past the OTHER side, they have a traffic jam similar to what I just drove away from. SO WHAT WAS IT??? Anyone with the answer? ANYONE?????

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