Monday, July 03, 2006


let's get

A friend of hers had told her that Creative is having a sale
so we checked their local website. True enough. Most of their products are going at 50% off (do you know that? HURRY! cheap, u noe!).

She told Sri (my collegue) & I, to give the model name of the product that we're interested in. She'll then relay it to her friend. I wonder if her friend is able to give us further discounts on top of the available bargain. Hmm.. It's was Friday then and by the time we left the office, she no longer made a mention about our order so we assumed that she's forgotten about it. There's always the next week. Bah!

The weekend come and goes and today, I CAME LATE only to find that THEY CAME EARLY! Ouwh!!! Thank goodness it's Monday.... And THANK GOODNESS there's no match yesterday. I don't want them to quickly assume that my tardiness was due to World Cup (actually I was frantically searching for my purse which got lost in a pile of laundry). Anyway, in my sheepiness, I was still able to hold a decent conversation with her about... what else..? WORLD CUP.

Then she was like, "Oh ya! I almost forgot. Here's your advance birthday presents." And passed each of us an orange paperbag with the CREATIVE logo. Huh?? I looked in and saw the product we ordered the week before. With my mouth agape, I was like, "Wow! Thanks!" Eh, wait.... Goodness! She bought us the UPGRADED model! You should see her grinning. I guess that's why she likes to spring surprises like that. Yes, it's not the first time she's done this and I hope it's not the last. Right, Sri??? *winks*

Now, just how do I get about thanking my boss's wife..?? Made me VERY paiseh, ok? I come late and still got present. What more, at the end of the day, I forgot that I came late in the morning and sought to leave the office early. Aiyoh!!!

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