Friday, July 21, 2006


to be considered...?

Thanks ah, buddy. Been a long time since I exercised my thoughts.

I admit that I've been complacent. I've been taking things for granted. I relish staying in my comfort zone. Never have I bothered to look at (or even think of- for that matter), of other possibilities. The "WHAT IF'S" have never really crossed my mind.

My career has been a smooth sailing river ride. My intention was just to sail straight down and hopefully reach the sea in one piece. Till' you put a fork in my path. And yes, that detour is a job opportunity. And an irresistable one at that.

Your boss had promised a starting pay which is much higher than what is printed on my paycheque currently (and I've worked 4 years!) and recently, you told me that your boss is offering a 'rate' higher than the market price (the clock's ticking, I guess..). You told me of a possible opportunity to go overseas to help overlook that confirmed job your company has. You are even planning a meeting between me and your boss for us to 'discuss things'. So zealous were you in getting me to join your camp that it took me a while before I can put up the stop sign.

The opportunities seem good enough for me, that's why I'm considering. And the fact is- I'm CONSIDERING and not immediately typing my resignation letter as well as a resume. Cos' I LOVE my current job. This job is a dream come true. It lies along the same line as what I've learnt in school. My office is a mere 15 mins bus ride away and I have 4 different buses to take, DIRECTLY from home. My office is homely and my bosses are great, if not superb. They bought insurance for my collegue and myself and send us on diving trips. And many other things. Believe me, there's A LOT that I would have left behind should I join your camp. A lot. And I acknowledge the fact that it'll be hard for my boss to find my replacement. I admit there's a lot that's lacking in terms of job scope and challenges are pretty uncommon but I'm contented.

Believe me, Bas. I would really like the idea of joining your company. Our daily exchanges on MSN about our jobs, the projects we're currently handling, the emails you send me of your designs- asking for my opinions and of the job satisfaction you have. It's all tempting, believe me. I could have learnt a lot more over there. Things would have been my easier if my current job is a pile of crap and my workplace is a s***hole and my boss is the unsculpurous monster that I hated. But all's randy-dandy, I'm afraid.

I'll help you in your search. An Architectural Technologist, rite? Diploma holder? In that line? Possibly your assistant? Ok... And you're a designer in an architectural firm. Location in the city (central) zone.

So.... anyone interested???


Hussaini said...

I'm just curious. What do you currently do for a living?

CT said...

my job?

juz a project coordinator in a project management firm. some draughting of architectural, mechanical & structural works and help my boss organise drawings & whatever's necessary before making submissions to the authority.

yeap, something like that.