Tuesday, July 25, 2006


sleepover (long, long ago)

This is wat happens when one procrastinate. Goodness, this sleepover happened like over 2 weekends ago, man. Sorrylah Tini. I meant to document this but... as always, someone here never learns her lesson about the downside of procrastination.

That Friday evening started on a... pretty funny note, hasn't it? You forgot to tell me that you decide to go back to your Punggol home and I ended up waiting for almost 15mins at the carpark of your mum's home instead. We were both looking for each other until we realised that we're not in the same location.

Then I missed the entrance to the highway that will bring us to town and we ended up going around in loops, all in the WRONG places and spend like more than 1/2 hr being lost. I can never forget our relief when we finally reached our destination, wayyy past midnight.

We were only 15mins away from the next Pirates of the Carribean show which was 'selling fast' and by a stroke of luck, they sold us the reserved seats which were simply superb (high-level, centralised). But that show's duration is too long to be watched in the wee hours of Saturday morning. After a hard day's work on Friday, a 2 1/2hrs movie dun really do our tired selves a lot of justice. So we decide to skip supper and head for your home.

I decide to be a safe driver and drive at moderate speed (despite the almost empty roads). I was on the 2nd lane from the right and reaching Serangoon Road (where there're quite a no. of pubs), I saw a group of 6 standing on the right-most lane (yep, ON the road) and it wasn't long before I realized that ALL of them are drunk. And right when I'm about to pass them, one guy from the group actually STRAYED into my path. I slammed the brakes and blast the horn but that guy was soooo intoxicated that he just stood there. GOODNESS! My instinct told me to look back and thru' the rear-view mirror, I saw the car behind me braking really hard. I guess he was kinda' speeding before that. I was already mumbling, "Please, please don't bang into me..." LUCKILY he braked in time but I'm darn sure he's just mere inches from the boot of my car.

I dunno what made that drunkard look back and seeing me RIGHT BEHIND him, he got the cheek to wave a sorta' apology and God knows what he's mumbling. &%$#@!! As he staggered back to his group, I saw that ALL of them had half-closed eyes and everyone was propping the other by the shoulders. I candidly told Tini, "That's a VERY good reason why we're told NOT to drink. You might be soo drunk, you wouldn't even know you've died!"

That's not the end. At the next red-light, a black car stopped beside me and from the corner of my eyes, I knew that I was being stared at. Even Tini cautiously warned me not to turn to the right. I just told her, "Oh, that's the car behind me just now. I think he's pissed cos' he almost crashed into me. But I don't give a damn cos' if I didn't stop, I would have crashed into that drunk instead. Would he wanna bear responsibility for that? So he better buzz off." True enough, he drove away.

Throughout the journey back to Punggol, I was so relieved that nothing bad happened despite us being -->THIS<-- close to danger. This is a way to show that no matter how cautious you try to be, it takes another party's reckless act to wreck it all for you.

Funny, I had meant for this entry to document the good times I had when sleeping over at the newly-married Tini's new abode. But I guess something dark, even sinister has to come before the light. Till' next time, I guess.


Hussaini said...

Driving can be dangerous sometimes. Despite being cautious, some drunk drivers might hit our cars. So, the wise thing to do is avoid alcohol, the mother of all evil.

CT said...

The sober ones are already capable of bringing harm, much less the drunk ones.

One thing we can do is be as safe as we can. At least we know that we've played our part in keeping the roads less dangerous for others.

"...avoid alcohol, the mother of all evil."