Thursday, April 13, 2006

changi chicken

changi chicken

What? No lah, the speciality here is the food. Really! What were you thinking?

After reading sooo much about it in your respective blogs, I managed to bring myself (plus my family & collegue) to Changi Village to eat THIS.


Not that I never ate at Changi Village before. It's just that I always end up eating at the hawker centre instead of the market area (where this stall is).

There's no mistaking the popularity of this dish. The whole bunch of us were amazed at the many uncleared tables cluttered with the stall's signature wooden bowls. And I soon realise why. The Ayam Penyet is sedaaaap! Power kedemak! I totally dislike drumsticks but in this case, I relish it. I dun even eat KFC that way, ok?

When I ask the fussy-chicken-lover brother of mine, which one he preferred: this Changi version or the Ria (Lucky Plaza/Joo Chiat) version, he replied, "That one is Indonesian style, this one different..." a.k.a No Comment. Cheh! If you ask me, I guess I'll answer the same way, too.
Later on when we were chilling out at Changi beach, something pretty strange happened, lah. It wasn't what I'll can a breezy night. It was only occasional that the sea breeze blew in.

Yet, suddenly there this really strong gust of wind coming in FROM THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. Yes, where the carpark is. And it's not the kind of wind that everyone can feel, cos' the only things I see that's affected were this 2 coconut trees near us. The night air remained warm and still, otherwise.

The first tree only had it's leaves rustling-hard (luckily the coconuts never toppled down). The second tree was hit so bad that ALL the leaves actually bent over to the other side. And the noise it makes... Ugh! And with that, one of the leaves snapped off and got blown ACROSS THE SURFACE of the water all the way till it disappeared into the night. All of us at in that vicinity were staring at that ruckus, wide-eyed.

After it's over, I looked at my dad knowingly and he acknowledged that with a little shrug, saying, "Well... you know this place..." Hah!

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