Thursday, April 07, 2005

Old Office..

..... And I was wondering, why is it that my entries from the last few days aren't appearing on my blog?

Finally checked and noticed the posts snugly settled in Green and labled, 'Drafts'.


That means that my birthday wish for a dear friend was already kinda' overdue. But hey, it's the thought that counts, so I published it anyway.. Sorry, Shyba. I didn't forget your birthday.. Just forgot to publish, that's all....
This post was dated 6th April, actually.
Penny for my thoughts....
Come to think of it, should I get a penny (or 5 cents) for my every thoughts, I would have been a millionaire a few times over....

Looking out at the rainy weather, I was suddenly reminded of my old office (same company, just that we shifted location).

I remembered my first impression of it... Had brought my brother along in my search of my new office (I dun' wanna get lost on my 1st day...) After much snucking around the stretch of Joo Chiat Road, a kind apek pointed out the location to us.

"Looks like a haunted house..." my brother exclaimed.

My sentiments exactly. Another point to show that we came from the same womb. Similar way of thinking...
That building was definitely old...previously a walk-up apartment... peeling paint... creeper plants weaving up the pipes... crummy drains... overhanging trees...

And the stairs... Bless 'em. A straight flight that goes all the way up to my office on the 3rd storey.... *pants*

Here's my list of nostalgic moments there, both good and bad:
- Had the toilet to ourselves (also with the other single tenant). ALWAYS knock before attempting to turn the knob. Some people (note: my boss) sometimes forget to lock.

- A single, non-controllable air-conditoning. Switching it on every morning means squeezing behind the shelves or using a ruler to reach the switch.

- The shrivelled up lizard that died after being squashed behind the door hinge (a case of bad timing) that is STILL there when I last visit the building. Except that it's more shrivelled.

- The huge and airy pantry located in the kitchen (previously an apartment, remember?). Funnily enough, there's nothing much in there. Besides, we need to walk out of the office room to get there.

- The buildings in the area are of such close proximity to each other that whenever I overtimed and walked to the pantry in the evenings, I can actually see ppl walking half-naked after their shower in the neighbouring apartment block. You should hear them singing while in the shower. Oh, the best part is when they start hanging their underwear (of both genders) at the windows facing OUR office. Sheesh!
Voyeuristic, you say? I call that disgusting!

- And that uneventful occasion when my collegue & I came back from lunch to discover that some idiot had locked this stray dog inside the building stairwell and NO one wants to release it after that. Turns out the 'idiot' is this courier guy sending something to our office and got chased by this dog. In his panic, he locked the dog IN and in the process, locking us OUT. We were stranded outside in the hot sun for for goodness-knows-how-long because of that...

- What about the time when we came in that morning to see that the front gate which rolled open/close got stuck cos' the wheel was out of its track?
Good luck no. 1: My boss came early and took it upon himself to open the darn gate.
Good luck no. 2: My boss is a combat engineer in the army. Combat engineer or not, it was another 1/2 hour before he got the gate opened.

- Talking about the gate... It was wrought iron and VERY heavy when we rolled it.
The last person out locks it: that's US. The first person in opens it: that's US, again.

Phew! That's really fun, to recall all those moments... Well, that's just the building. I've yet to mention the neighbourhood that it's located in....

However, knowing myself, it will take me AGES before I will write a sequel. Which reminds me that I've yet to continue with the BBQ saga at East Coast... Heh.

PS: Sri, my dear collegue. I bet you must be smiling like the cheshire cat after reading this. Memorable, isn't it?!

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