Thursday, April 14, 2005

Dying mousie

Been ages, isn't it since my last post???

No thanks to my dying mouse at home. Yes, I'm talking bout' that thing you attach to ur PC (not the pet!)

Maybe it's not dying. Not THE mouse. I think something's wrong with the USB cable.

I got so agitated just by surfing the net. Once the dreaded bubble appear at the bottom corner of the screen saying, "USB device not recognised...." I went into a frenzy of detaching the USB cable and reattach it to another port over & over until I detect some movement on the cursor on screen. Irritating! I have to resort to being oh-so-careful with the mouse, moving it gently around for fear that it might hang again.

Things got so bad that it became a habit. My office mouse got the gentle treatment, too. When I realized that the office mouse is 'A' ok, I start to use it brashly, a method that I will unconsciously bring home and caused the other mouse to screw up again. It's become a cycle, I tell you.

Now I can't work on Photoshop and the other what-nots and there are tons (an exeggeration here) of pics to upload- from the Sentosa Family Day & the Konsert Ribut Damai....

Erm... Any spare mouse, anyone????

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