Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Poly pals & April babies

My, my... This is soooo overdue.
I'll update anyway.

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A day with my ol' Poly pals.
That day didn't start that well for me. Was supposed to run errands for my cousin in Simei. Somehow or rather, at Tampines en route to Simei, I made a wrong turn. For that moment, I felt proud of myself, having known my route despite my dad's absence. Well, that's until I saw CGH on the OTHER side - meaning that I was on the PIE! To think I was >>this<< close to Simei...

Well, I dun call myself, "Minah Terbabas" for nothin. Needless to say, I got out of the driver's seat when fetching Kai. The ultimatum: "Either you waste your breath directing me around or we can have a peaceful one when you drive." He chose the latter.

We fetched Fendi & family at Far East Plaza. Had to make a second round because Kai is driving and me keeping a look-out is hopeless, cos' I'm not sure if Fendi & Yani have changed-physically. Reason being that it's been 2 years since I last saw them.

They look the same. Except for this new addition:

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A cute little darling by the name of Shasha.

Sorry Fendi & Yani. You gave her a name that is so complicated by my books that I total forgot what it is by the time you told us to call her 'Shasha'. However, I do recall a certain 'Felisha' on that cap she's wearing, so I can safely assume her name to be 'Felisha' something-something. Once again, I apologise for my extremely poor memory.

Anyway we had quite a spread for dinner at Tg. Pagar Railway or better known as KTM. So much food that they can't all fit on the table & we had to combine some dishes to create space. Nice seafood, highly recommended!

I do recall a hilarious incident that end up with Bas wetting the right side of his pants & Khama having an obvious brown stain on his pink thank-goodness-it's-cheap polo tee. I dun mean to cackle but I was so taken aback that my first reaction was to laugh. Count your lucky stars it ain't a MANGO top, Khamz!
Oh, by the way, should anyone recover my black Esprit & green First Choice umbrella which I left behind, do inform me. My mum's been nagging.

I hopped into Khamz's car with Bas while Kai drove my car with Fendi & family. It's pretty weird & exciting to see from the outside, your car actually being driven by someone else.
Always, it's either I'm the driver or the passenger.

We went to the long-time-haven't-been-to favourite haunt of ours, Holland V. To think we always go there every week in the Poly days. We chose to chill at Coffee Club.
Khamz & I had decided to buy a Swensen's cake to celebrate the April babies - Kai & Bas (Meng, the other baby was busy mugging out for his exams). However, since we're chilling at a place selling an assortment of cakes, we went on a dessert-ordering spree which include Fresh-Fruit Fondue. Yum!

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April Babies & Fresh-Fruit Fondue

After sending Bas + Fendi & family home, us Easterners (Kai, Khamz & me) chilled awhile at East Coast. At the stroke of midnite, Khamz & I wished Kai Happy B'dae. So were we the first, Kai? He had been smiling from ear-to-ear eversince discovering Khamz & my plans for that mini b'dae celebration.

Came home late that night (meaning: early the NEXT morning). Thanks, bro for opening the door for me (we both didn't want to incur my mum's wrath should she know how late I came home).
I just need to show her Shasha's pics the next morning and all was forgotten bout' my coming home late...
So glad to be able to meet up again, guys!

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