Saturday, January 23, 2010

of circumcision & kacang phool

So the baby had his circumcision just now.

The 5 minutes that it took sure wasn't worth the anxiety that the daddy went through. At least I come prepared, considering I managed to go online the day before and read another mother's account of her experience when she sent her infant son for his circumcision at the same clinic. Heh.

The baby before us had his nervous parents seated right outside the room (parents not allowed inside) and the child's shrill cry was very much audible to us seated outside. I was pretty worried for my boy cos' right at that point, it was his feeding time and I only just started feeding him when I was stopped by the nurse (makes a lotta' sense, since there's a chance that he might just pee on the doctor during the procedure).

I was more worried about him crying because he's hungry. Not really because of the pain. I have that much belief that my son takes after me - with regards to his threshold for pain.

Truth to be told, till then, I have NO freaking idea about circumcision. Only when I see my own son's little weewee, do I know what the term 'garlic' and 'mushroom' is about.

Anyway, the clinic was located at Eunos Crescent, very close to the hawker/food center that sells this pretty good plate of 'Kacang Phool' (Ful Medames). Given that there's a Malay name for this dish, it is of course, very much localised.

The mashed spiced fava beans was supposedly cooked with ghee instead of olive oil and topped with red onions, green chilli, a squeeze of calamansi juice and half-cooked sunny-side up egg. Oh, to have the runny egg yolk flowing all over the whole dish and lapping it all up with lightly toasted baguette....

Just a look at the picture below, of someone's home-cooked plate of Kacang Phool.

Honestly speaking, I have not eaten this for close to 10 months. Apparently, I was forbidden from eating this by the nurses at the polyclinic, for fear of the baby getting jaundice at birth. I wish I could brush that off as some old wives' tale but it was even listed in a medical pamphlet (of things that are prohibited during pregnancy) that they gave me!

Anyway, my mum-in-law also ordered a plate but being the small-eater that she is, she naturally still had half her portion uneaten and she asked that I help her finish it up.

"You need to satisfy your craving don't you?" Oh, the things she say just so I'll help her...

So I had 1 1/2 plates of Kacang Phool with 3 huge slices of baguette just now. Needless to say, I'm very much satisfied... *burp!*

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