Wednesday, January 20, 2010

hospital food!

Oh yeah... As I've promised before.. Hospital food! Exciting, isn't it? :P

Anyway, I checked into a private hospital to deliver my baby and honestly speaking, at the back of my mind, I'm very much aware that the food in private hospitals are supposedly wayyyy better than...well... *ahem* government ones.

It's already a good sign when they show signs of being generous with hot Milo, that choco-malt drink.

And when I receive their menu, I was flabbergasted. Holy smokes! They've got Western, Chinese and Malay cuisine! But I was apprehensive as to whether their Chinese & Western offering are halal.

The nurse eventually assured me that the food are halal so I did not think twice about ticking the Western set for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

The Muslim food offering is decent, with the likes of Assam Pedas, Rendang etc. Thing is, those are the kind of food I ate everyday at home. Needless to say, I want something different.

The Chinese food, well... They seemed.. boring. Almost bland.

Breakfast - Apple juice, hash brown, chicken patty & wholemeal bread.

Fried hash brown for hospital food? That sure is a good sign!

Breakfast - Half-boiled egg & Milo

If only they gave 2 eggs instead of 1....

Lunch - Creamy veggie soup

I honestly think that the name sounds disgusting... But it turn out to be pretty decent. If only there are mushrooms in that..

Lunch - Chicken stew w/ boiled veggies & rice

This was pretty decent. There was more of the stew than rice so I can't help lavishing it. And me LOVE boiled carrots and broccoli.

Dinner - some tomato/veggie soup

Now, this tasted very much like a diluted minestone.

Dinner - Fried seafood platter w/ french fries

Oh yeah, this is hospital food alright. DEEP-FRIED food with french fries even.

IF ONLY they were served hot and (still) crispy. These were pretty cold and soggy by the time they were served.. Just too bad.

Anyway, that mini-baguette in the background, taste a whole lot like it came from Delifrance. Considering that they have an outlet downstairs.... I won't be surprised.

And that chickpea/kidney bean salad in the background totally rocks!

Anyway.. by the next day, I was kinda tired of Western food.

They gave me the menu but since I was already to be discharged, I just chose what I want for breakfast - sunny-side up & sausage.

I don't think I'll get to eat lunch so I don't bother ticking my choice. However, I was eyeing the Chinese set. I can't remember what was being offered but I was pretty intrigued.

Little did I know that the bill will come late and the nurses took pity on me and served me lunch anyway. Seeing that I seemed to be fond of the Western meals, they naturally gave me that by default.

But it was pretty disgusting, that one. A roll of steam/boiled whitefish (cod, maybe?) that tasted soooo bland that the juice from the given lemon wedge and a whole pack of pepper failed to uplift the flavour.

However, I appreciate the gesture, for I was really hungry by then.

So there, hospital food for you.

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