Thursday, January 21, 2010

my first meals out

...when on my own, that is.

Why isn't it a surprised that they're both from fast-food joints?

**both pics courtesy of the iPhone

McD's Prosperity Burger meal - taken with 'Hipstamatic' application
(photos look like they're taken w/ the ol' skool plastic toy cams)

I saw the ad on the newspaper and have been dying to know when I'll be able to get my hands on these.

Year after year, I've never failed to feast on this Prosperity meal come CNY period. Maybe it's the black pepper sauce, maybe it's the twister fries (which still can NEVER replace A&W's curly fries). Or maybe it's the raw onions on the patty. I dunno what drew me to these but I enjoy them - A LOT!

Given that I'm under confinement, I shouldn't be able to go out on my own till the 28th. However, I got somewhat sneaky and took the chance to make way to White Sands, with the excuse that I need to buy the baby bottle detergent, which ran out.

My mum-in-law not only allowed, she even ask me to run errands for her at NTUC supermarket.. Coolness!

The only difference when I made my order this time, was that I requested for mineral water, NOT cold (I'm still breastfeeding).

Cheesy Bacon Spicy Tendercrisp
- comparing the real burger and the promo pic

Ever since I saw the ad for this one, I've been salivating. Burger King's promo burgers are my definite weakness, don't ask me why.

What more this one here has ALL my favourite things coming together to become a burger.

Corn-dusted buns - check
Greens & tomato - check
Cheese - check
Crispy turkey bacon - check
Spicy Tendercrisp patty - check

How can I not insist on getting this, tell me?!

BK's Spicy Tendercrisp may not be a match for KFC's Zinger patty but imho, it's definitely better than McD's McSpicy patty. Despite the fact that it can get a lil' greasy sometimes...

This burger, to me, is worth going back for. Wonder when this promo will end...

And yes, I got a bottle of mineral water with this one too. Uhuh, it's NOT cold.

In case you're wondering why am I being so sneaky when eating these.. Well, my hubby kinda restrict me from eating these calorie-laden foods, to encourage me to get back into shape.

And the fact that I ate all these when there's a proper meal at home.. well.. it kinda' add on to the guilt, you know??

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