Monday, January 25, 2010

spontaneous brekkie

In my eagerness to do some serious shopping at This Fashion Post Centre (which to me, is the largest outlet), I end up getting there too early. 1/2 an hour, to be exact.

So I made my way to the only place which I deem to be cool enough to hang out - alone. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) on the ground level.

Hot Double Chocolate (Regular)

I thought of ordering the Ultimate Ice Blended and cake. Suddenly cake doesn't seem too appropriate to have so early in the morning and I also remind myself that I'm still breastfeeding so I settled for double shots of cappuccino. The cashier apologetically pointed to the coffee bean dispenser and told me that it's out of order - can you believe it?!

So I settled for the Hot Double Chocolate. I glanced at the menu and saw they they're still serving breakfast. Thinking of a blog entry that I read recently, I hastily ordered the Egg Benedict. It did cross my mind that the price was pretty steep, amongst the other available dishes on the menu. $7.50, if I'm not wrong.

The CBTL outlet was sparsely filled with little groups of people having business meetings. Looking, behaving and feeling like a lost tai-tai, I felt a little out-of-place so I seek refuge at the table right behind a teenage boy working on his laptop.

Egg Benedict

Ever since I saw of the video of that cute chef preparing Egg Benedict on ieat's blog, I got tempted to have a plate of it.

I remember the first time I had it, it was at CBTL Holland Village, eons ago during the school years. My mates and I, we made our way there early morning, during lesson time. We simply took our attendance and left, only to come back in time for the next attendance taking, in the late afternoon, right before going back.

One of my mates worked part-time at CBTL and had been so fascinated by this that he got us to try it too. I have to admit that right then, it had been my most expensive breakfast ever.

But I can never forget that first taste. The soft poached egg with its runny yolk and the rich hollandaise sauce had been so delightful on my young tastebuds. I was pretty disappointed (I still am!) that the portion had been kinda small.

A quickie brekkie - Egg Benedict & Double Chocolate

That regular-sized glass of Double Chocolate seemed a tad big so the drink turns out to be pretty filling on its own. I'm honestly surprised to see that it set me back all of $2.50 only.

As soon as I down the last of my double chocolate drink, the clock struck 11 and I made my way down to the This Fashion outlet below.

I can't disclose the damage done to my wallet. All I can say is that it's enough to prompt the cashier to ask me why I bought so much. "It's our (Chinese) New Year, yet you're the one doing the major shopping."

I meant to say that I'm revamping my wardrobe (which is the truth) but I end up replying her with just one word, "Bonus." Well, that's part of the truth, anyway. Oh, geez!

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